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The association

The association consists only of visually impaired artists and craftsmen. It was founded in 1971 and has approx. 30 members all over Sweden. Every visually impaired artist and craftsman living in Sweden is welcome to apply for membership.
A yearly exhibition is arranged by the association and all its members are welcome to display their work. A broad selection of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textile, wood and metal works is showed. These exhibitions have been held in different places all over Sweden and abroad, for example in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Vietnam and the Czech Republic.


For questions please contact:
Christina Wolmar
+46 - (0)70 - 546 01 56


To see some of our artist's works, look here:

Galleri (Gallery)

Projekt (Projects)

Aktuella Utställningar (Upcoming Exhibitions)

Tidigare Utställningar (Past exhibitions)

Kenneth Blomqvist, oilpainting